Catch up.

I miss blogging.  I miss my time to drop my thoughts somewhere.  I miss inspiring others with the experiences that I have been through or is going through.  I miss sharing my recipes.  Oh you get the point, I miss it all.

I have been away for quite some time and have been getting use to my new family dynamic.  One thing I neglected was my blog throughout this new chapter of my life.  I promised myself that every bit of the way I would just dive deep into the moments with my new bundle and my husband as we took on this new chapter.

I did just that and I do not regret it one bit.  I soaked up every moment and now have plenty to look back on.  A new journey I begin and I hope you all are doing well.

Just stopping by to let you all know I will be back full bloom soon.  How is everyone doing?


Happy new year and to all that I have missed!!!

Now I returned because of my letteritformarch inspired by one of a great calligrapher I follow: @Jennymaiedae. Her wirk is amazing and oh how I have missed practicing my handlettering and calligraphy. 

So far it is day three of the letteritmarch challenge and here is what I have got to share with you all…

Day 4: I’m over the moon for YOU.

Day 3: Stay humble, hustle hard

Day 2: Oh darling ! Let’s be adventurers.

Day 1: makers gonna make

To acknowledge March .

Day 28 of Feb: One of a kind

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Happy WednesdaY my wordpress fam!

Oh hello S I M P L I C I T Y!


My life has been overwhelmed with such complications and choices.  Sometimes a girl just want simplicity.  Lets just simplify everything.  Some of the simple things in my life I adore: Brandy Pham jewelry and succulents.  The simple and dainty beauty. One day I shall have about 90% of her collection.  Flowers are pretty, I do not mind having them and now and days I’d rather have succulents.  They do last a bit longer and I get to greet em every morning with some love. Have you simplify your life as of late? Please share.


P.S. Photo above taken with my new bday gift the 24-70mm.  I am in love! ❤




I finally DID it!  Yesterday I realized my hair appointment was today.  I kind of panic as I planned a photo session to take shots of my long hair before kissing it goodbye.  Thank you for my lovely SO for supporting me with this although we both love my long, straight, sleek natural hair.  It was time for a change and for the good deed to finally begin.  Above is a shot of my before and after.  After 3 years of giving my hair some TLC of barely trimming and no dye it all paid off.  I was able to give more than 10″.  Give more expect less.  I have to say after all these years I became attached to my hair and luckily my hair stylist was unavaialble two weeks ago!  This 2 weeks gave me some time to mentally and emotionally prepare to chop it all off.  Yes, why chop just some when it was such a commitment and process to get here?  I cut off approximately twenty something inches.  My heart and head feels light.  I am floating on cloud nine.  The good deed is done and all I have to say is this:


The next year to come I will embrace all changes.

I miss blogging. So much to share and the sun just keeps calling me to play outside.  We will catch up soon!  Follow my IG @ Crafteaheart for daily snippets. Toodles until then.

Wednesday burst.

The weather in Oregon has been amazing. Today it is in the 90s. Whew, Scorching heat over here!
Here is some sunburst for you through the leaves.


How is your summer going? 🙂




Say Hello to Ponytail Falls;one of the waterfalls during the Horse Tail hike my SO and I went to with some friends.  I have been getting together with friends and finally overcoming a nasty cold.  My “catch up” time is everywhere…from photography to nature to friends to family near and far.   One I have neglected…blogging.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  For daily updates check out my IG @CrafteaHeart.  Soon you will hear about the #PATHUY adventure.  I am soo excited Patty! < Cheesing>

So much to update you all on with my adventures.  Happy Fiesta Friday Ladies and Gents.  Stay tune and have a great weekend.

A { D R O P – I N }.

Hello WP fam! Just wanted to say thanks for you all cheering me on. Leg 1 done and will be doing leg 2 soon…like 3 hours soon. Here are some lovely photos to enjoy from South Oregon! I am currently resting in Merlin, Oregon. Soo lovely and gorgeous down here I am amazed and happy.






Yes, my friends came alone on this Dog Mountain Hike with me. They called me crazy…and in the end we all agreed it was a good choice.  Oh how gorgeous was this scenery?  I loved it even though ever step up I was literally sighing and gasping for air.  About 2800 elevation, I mean who wouldn’t huff and puff?  I didn’t prepare myself to well for this, but I made it through to share the experience with you all!  Although it was cloudy, it was nice to have the breeze swing through the trees every now and then to keep us cool.  After I ran 6 miles on Saturday, this was a great way to just train my Quads, Hamstring, and calfs before my relay in South Oregon on Friday!  Time to rest up before the relay.  Maybe I’ll sneak in a 3-4 mile run later today!



Perhaps you can visit Dog Mountain when you come to Washington!  Toodles until next time.

{ I T A L I A N } night just because.

A few nights ago we were invited to our friend’s home to just have dinner. A just because we want you over. A few others were invited as well. Homemade italian food…my first time and I was impressed. All made from scratch. Yum…it takes work and we much appreciated this time getting spoiled. Over the top hospitality. Thank you lovelies G and B!


Caprese! Yes, this was a must!


Homemade Pesto pasta. Peep at the table cloth! Soooo Italian! 🙂


Yes, dinner wrapped up with Tiramisu! Yummmy. I was in heaven.


Guilty, I had a glass of this lovely red wine…from the lovely France! Did I feel spoiled? They have been aging this wine.

Toodles until next post! Enjoy your Sunday!

{ F A T H E R ‘ S } day

A day to celebrate the man who raised me. Rather near or far his actions showed his love for me rather than words. A man who always provided for the family, did what he needed to do to make ends meet, calm and collected when things got chaotic, love us in our rebellion stages, and beyond loving us he is always there to protect my mother and love her … I could have not ask for more…Thank you Daddy for everything and your endless love! Xoxo.


Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there and continue to share your endless love with your kids and beyond!