I finally DID it!  Yesterday I realized my hair appointment was today.  I kind of panic as I planned a photo session to take shots of my long hair before kissing it goodbye.  Thank you for my lovely SO for supporting me with this although we both love my long, straight, sleek natural hair.  It was time for a change and for the good deed to finally begin.  Above is a shot of my before and after.  After 3 years of giving my hair some TLC of barely trimming and no dye it all paid off.  I was able to give more than 10″.  Give more expect less.  I have to say after all these years I became attached to my hair and luckily my hair stylist was unavaialble two weeks ago!  This 2 weeks gave me some time to mentally and emotionally prepare to chop it all off.  Yes, why chop just some when it was such a commitment and process to get here?  I cut off approximately twenty something inches.  My heart and head feels light.  I am floating on cloud nine.  The good deed is done and all I have to say is this:


The next year to come I will embrace all changes.

I miss blogging. So much to share and the sun just keeps calling me to play outside.  We will catch up soon!  Follow my IG @ Crafteaheart for daily snippets. Toodles until then.


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