{ R O S E } backdrop


About three weeks ago I crafted a back drop for my friend’s baby shower.  Simple backdrop for a fun photo booth.  Stay tune for some photo booth memories with this backdrop.  YUP, DIY crepe paper flowers and crepe paper streamers. Simple + Chic.

Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is filled with great plans.


My { W R I T I N G } Process Blog Tour & { H E A R T } Confetti.



Olga at The Ocean View Kitchen nominated me for this blog tour.  I was astounded and told her YES I will be more than happy to participate and the participation is simple as can be.  Thank you so much for inviting me to this blog tour Olga.   You are amazing yourself with your blog.  I am so glad we linked through Fiesta Party that was started by our lovely Angie at The Novice Gardener!  The writing process blog tour is a way to get bloggers to know other bloggers better. The way it works as you are invited by a fellow blogger to answer 4 questions and then you invite another three bloggers to participate.

My answers to the {FOUR} questions:

1} What am I working on?  As of late I have been crafting up some crafts for Savannah’s 3rd birthday FROZEN theme party.  I have about a few days left to complete this.  Below is a glimpse of one of the craft.

2} How does my work differ from others of its genre?  My work differs from others because it is my perspective of creativity in the craft, cooking, and photography.

3} Why do I write what I do?  I enjoy sharing my perspective of cooking and crafting in the most simplest way I can. I have family and friends who ask me how to make a certain “entree” I cook so I thought it would be great to start documenting them on my blog for my friends and family to reference back to.  I use to go onto others’ blog and I felt like simplicity was missing.  So this helped me to shape and create my ideas and recipes to the most simplest perspective I can for others to experience if they dare to try!

4} How does your writing process work?  My writing process is surrounded by what is currently happening in my life.  Rather it is cooking, crafting, or just a simple photography session with my lovelies.  The inspirations usually branch off of other recipes or crafts.  Most of the time the recipe or craft is a blend of two different ones with mine.  Great to create because you can create freely with no boundaries.  I then capture those moments and fancy it up with some fonts through Illustrator.

Who is {NEXT} ?

1} Patty- Patty Nguyen  Every post, every photo is such an eye grasper and her little Bailey is just so oh adorable.

2} Ngan- Ngan made it– Not only are her photos amazing, the recipes are salivating type of recipes.

3}Tracy –Scratch it Cook– Make them from scratch!  I especially love her DIY vanilla extract.

Check out these ladies’ blogs.  You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to hear from you ladies next week. =)


The heart confetti is done and ready to be thrown for celebration!  My co-worker put in a custom order for me to craft some goodies for Savannah’s Frozen theme party.  What a cute movie… YES it made it to my favorite list as well!  If you saw the movie you would understand why these glittered heart confetti is a MUST!  I have been crafting my heart away.  Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to my big sis!!!

Happy { M O N D A Y }!

My dear friend’s baby shower is about five days away and all in between my crazy schedule I have been crafting up crepe paper flowers and trying new ideas to get this shower ready. Yes, this week I will have to turn my attention towards crafting some more tid bits to celebrate the little one that is going to be on her way! Here are some photos of the craft as of late.






Want to try to make some lovely crepe paper flowers? Check the DIY tutorial HERE

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Hope you have a lovely Monday! Start this week by taking control of your time! I surely will need to so I can maximize my time for all the things I have to complete this week! Toodles until next post!

DIY { s t a m e n s + s t e m}


Last night I was up a little late to finish off my craft for my mother.  With yawns and all.  Few days and I was able to fit in time to finish off Mama’s bundle of love bouquet.  I almost wanted to keep this bundle of flowers for myself.  Off to mama they go.  I hope she enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making them.

Bundle of love list

Check out the DIY {C R E P E } PAPER flower for instructions on how to create the flower.  Below are instructions on how to create the stamen and the lovely stem.


DIY { C R E P E } paper flower


Quite some time passed and I have not craft at all.  I feel alive and thriving again.  Craft + Blogging are some of my tid bits of therapy from my Nursing world.  I am soo excited for another little niece in my life. I am planning my friend’s baby shower along with other friends.  I have about 3 weeks to gather this all together.  I bought plenty of crepe paper rolls for the photo-booth backdrop (future post to follow) and thought “I actually don’t need all this, what am I going to do with them?”  Suddenly I started making flowers with them!  And here I am making flower as a gift tag for our niece’s gift.  Simple, inexpensive, and just luscious!

1} Fold the crepe paper in about 1″ width.  Cut the edge to the shape you desire. After cutting the edge, use your thumb and pointer finger to hold the middle while gently shaping the crepe paper in a circular motion until the flower is complete.  I love my flowers to be full so I used about a foot of crepe paper roll.


2} Time to make a hole at the center of the flower.


3} Now cut a piece of wire ~1″ to hold the crepe paper together at the center.


4} And there you have it…a simple + pretty flower as a gift tag!


Photos taken by yours truly with m companion Nikon D80 and 35mm lens.  Have a lovely Tuesday!

DIY polka dot wrapping

Officially 3 days before Christmas and this gal was still wrapping gifts. Might as well have fun wrapping it with a little bit of craft. I used acrylic white paint and a wine cork to create this polka dot gift wrap. Craft paper wrapping bought from the dollar tree.

1} Wrap the gift with craft paper.
2} Use the cork and dip it into the white acrylic paint… Create your polka dot pattern!

Have fun & keep wrapping them up as Christmas draws closer. Happy Monday.



DIY Christmas Saying Ornaments

DIY ornaments_crafteaheart

For the past two years we decided to get a last minute tree.  The tree needed some loving with new ornaments and I didn’t feel like shopping for them so I crafted some!

1} Print the saying you desire on photo paper or card stock. Got the printable sayings from Mothertimemarketplace

2} Fold copy paper in zig zag form about 1″ wide.

3} Take tape and seal the ends together to make the zig zag long enough to frame your saying.

4} Cut a slit on  the top & bottom triangle to place your saying.

5} Hole punch the top to place your string and VIOLA your Christmas saying ornament is ready to add love to your tree.

Enjoy yourself and hope you are ready for the big ole Christmas day!



Ohhh it feels soo long since I crafted something.  I hope to get back into my crafting soon now that I will be home for the holidays.  My co-worker had so many mason jars lying around her home.  She thought of me to rid them!  Ohhh lucky me!  I drink my water and tea out of mason jars and this gave her an idea I may want these mason jars.  Anything glass goes for me and a mason jar is just oh so perfect.  For the first time I have seen a wide mouth mason jar.  Woahhh..what was I going to do with this??  As it sat there on my counter for a few days I was saddened time passed and Christmas is almost near with no decor in the house.  Soooo…the pine stems and pine cones lying all over my back balcony.  PERFECT–I thought.  I will make a decor for my desk.  Quite simple and quick.

1] I used the pine stems to surround the rim of the mason jar.   I held it in place with a rubber band.  Tuck the pine stems underneath the rubber band.


2] Spray paint the pine cones gold. Let it dry for 5 minutes outside to relieve the fume of the spray paint.

3] Gather some more pine stems and place them inside at the bottom of the mason jar.

4] Place your gold pine cones in the jar and Viola! Desk decor for the Christmas festive. I added a naked tree branch with a couple of initials ornaments .  Decorate as you desire!


 Time to go relax some more and recover from my long 2 weeks in Florida. ENJOY!! Happy Sunday.



Plenty of cardstock around this house.  As Christmas draws near there are plenty of gifts to wrap.  How about some gift tags?  Easy peezy..too simple.

TOOLS you’ll need:


Hemp strings ||  3″ x 1.5″ Cardstocks || Hole puncher || Scissors || 10 minutes or LESS


Cut your cardstocks to 3″ x 1.5″ or to the dimensions you desire.  Cut the corners at an angle to create a slant on the gift tags.


Punch a hole in the center between the slants for the string.  I used a heart shape puncher to add some love.


Cut your strings about 4.5″ long or however long you desire.


Loop the strings through and tie the ends with a knot.  Viola…a tag for your gift!  Decorate the gift tags as your heart desires.

PHOTOS: taken by yours truly with Nikon D-80 and the Nikkor 50mm lens.


My essentials to jot down ideas.  A must have on me at all times.  And it gave birth to these…a place for my ideas, small enough to fit in my purse, and pretty ohh gold and chic!
Tools you will need.  Paper trimmer and the awl has been of great tools to my craft addition.  Highly recommend you add this to your craft stash…I promise you won’t regret it!
1. I bought this gorgeous Gold foil card stock at Michael’s.  It was just 0.79 cents for a 12″ x 12″ square card stock.  Cut the card stock 8.5″ x 3″.  Cut your filler paper 1/2 inch smaller —> 8″ x 2.5″.
Time to use the awl to puncture two holes in the center to sew your booklets together.  Each booklet contains about 3-4 sheets.
2. Sew your booklets together and make sure you knot it well.  Use your binder clippers and clip the booklets after you sew the booklets together.  Glue the bind and let it dry for about 15-30 mins.
3. Take your pattern card stock and glue the booklets to the inside of the card stock bind.
4.  Clip the booklets and filler paper together and let it dry overnight…and there you have it..personal pattern mini notebooks!!
ENJOY making these!