Jasmine + Green { I C E } Tea


The heat calls for ice tea.  Choice of drink for the Fiesta Friday! Many like the taste of sweet tea…I on the other hand love my tea with a tad bit of sugar or none at all with a splash of lemon squirt.  I feel refreshed and cooled down after.  Might as well go the healthy way since  I am sipping on my loaded cup of antioxidant.  If I had to choose a third favorite type of tea it would be GREEN tea.



What is your favorite flavor or combination of ice tea?  Please share.  Toodles until next post.




YES I did. I mixed the Tazo with the Stash. Wanted to give it a try since I was in the mood for some tart in my tea. It was not bad. I will have to try this again in the summer with ice! M m m…. Ice tea! A little bit too chilly right now to have ice tea.

Happy Tuesday… Do you mix your teas and if so, what do you mix?



A little flavor doesn’t hurt. I really have to be in the mood to try fruity tea. And if I am I would choose the blueberry. One of my absolute favorite flavor. It might just be too fruity for some.. And it adds just enough flavor with a bit of honey…that makes it just perfect! Do you like fruity tea? Please share what brand and fruity flavor.

Happy Tuesday… Did you have your pancakes today? Because I just learnt via one of my Instagram buddy its national pancakes day! >_<



Still cold here in the PNW. A cup of hot thai tea is delicious. Typically, I love it with ice. As of late, hot thai tea sounds just about right. Give it a run if ya never tried it!

Happy Tuesday!

TEA TUESDAY: Just a cup of tea


ISO 400 | ss 15 | f/stop 3.2
Photo above taken with the D80, my favorite prime 50mm lens, and SB 600 flash. Yes, I am finally putting my flash into use. My SO would be verrry happy and say “its about time!”

As of late, I have been a light sleeper and I can not figure it out. Last week was a rough all around and I made it through to the other side. You know one of those week where the chaos or stress just did not stop so I told myself go with the current. It was soon Friday and now it is Tuesday. I am slowly getting there to be “normal” again per se. Ohhh how I miss being able to sleep for 6-8 hrs without waking up because of a pain or my body decides to be alert at the wee hours. Here I am blogging on 4 hrs or less of sleep. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so rather than tossing and turning in my bed I got up made me a cup of tea and out my flash into use. Maybe this cup of tea will just relax me and I will magically fall asleep again. I hope you all have been resting well…I call sleep a luxury after this craziness!

Happy Tea tuesday. What have you been drinking as of late?

TEA TUESDAY: Harmonise

Ohhhh once in a while we all need some tea especially for the ladies for some balance right???

Yes I probably need 2-3 cups of this today. My week did not start the way I would like it. Maybe I have a cold coming on or the cold weather is being dislike by my body.

The tea below has quite a fresh taste of relaxation to it! Peep at the color… Something about pink and the smell of roses it just calms everything down.. Am I wrong about this ladies?

Take some time and try this Pukka brand.. And this combination of organic rose, sweet vanilla, and chamomile tea. You won’t be disappointed.




My go to jar for tea.  Yeah the glass gets a little hot…and by the time I get into my morning routine this baby cools down and ready for me to sip on my tea.  I love black tea as much as I love black tea.  The earl grey is not too shabby.  I think this black tea has the perfect medium–not too strong and just enough to give you a little nudge to wake ya up.  If you prefer milk tea this black tea is just perfect to blend it with some international blend vanilla creamer.  M m m..milk tea you will have.  You may never drink any other flavor again.  Give it a try if you haven’t!  Let me know what you think if you dare to try it.  What kind of black tea do you prefer?



Hope you all are getting ready to ring in the new year….the party…the friends….the family…the significant other…the craziness…to the countdown!  I have yet to decide where I will be when the count down is happening.   My gosh this year has passed me way too quick. Happy new years eve & be safe whatever you do!


Pukka tea is pretty awesome brand! A brand I am fortunate to have tried because of work. The REFRESH has a mix of organic peppermint, licorice, and fennel mix. A tea I was not fond of until my palette learned to love. It is especially perfect for the holidays! I have to say this mix is an acquired taste kind of tea. So try it if you DARE– I have learned to love it and I was NOT joking when I said “I drink my tea from a mason jar from time to time! Ohh lovely Christmas eve!! Have a happy one!!





Are you trying to fight the cold during this brutal weather? Maybe not if you are in Florida. For me this tea is a current plus because it has the great echinacea to help build up my immune system and sometimes I just need some tea with no caffeine in it. The taste is ohh soo delicious all by itself or with a little bit of honey and lemon. Take control of your immune system before the cold overtakes it. Happy Tuesday! Hope you stay healthy + cold free.







Coffee for him and Tea for me please!


With these delicious coconut wafers. Yumm! Happy tuesday.