{ F A T H E R ‘ S } day

A day to celebrate the man who raised me. Rather near or far his actions showed his love for me rather than words. A man who always provided for the family, did what he needed to do to make ends meet, calm and collected when things got chaotic, love us in our rebellion stages, and beyond loving us he is always there to protect my mother and love her … I could have not ask for more…Thank you Daddy for everything and your endless love! Xoxo.


Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there and continue to share your endless love with your kids and beyond!


{ D O O D L E S } itch.

As of late I have been having a doodle itch and working on some gifts. Late birthday gifts of you will.

Here is a doodle of flowers and some hand drawn type. I love scribbling away with different typographies!


A reminder to never stop learning because there is so much to learn about! I have no excuse to be bored because I can keep learning away and I encourage you to do the same. What do ya think? Like it? Hope your Wednesday is going well.

{ H U M I L I T Y }


One of my favorite quote to live by.  The higher you are in a company the more humble you should stay.  Humility brings plenty and to gain wisdom is a win!  I encourage you today to build more humility in your life rather you are unknown or known.  You get to experience a life filled with wisdom and joy.  I have been in a recipe mode as of late and switching gears to Typography.  My hands was itching to paint with a brush I did some through illustrator.  Last night I got a chance to sit down with some paint and typography up some words onto blank canvases.  What a therapy session for me!  Love it.  You are half way through the week. Happy Wednesday WP fam. Toodles until next time!

{ H E R } day.


I chose this photo because tulips have so many meanings of each colored flower.  Mother’s are all colors of tulips because they have to be all to nurture a child to the right destination. Mothers go above and beyond regardless of the situation.  My mother raised six kids including myself.  Goodness I thought growing up…this lady is crazy for wanting to have us six kids and care for us.  Her heart has no limit when it comes to love.  She gives until there is no more tomorrow.  She places her kids, her family, and everyone else in front of her.  She always made sure we were well fed–even until today.  You better believe momma will ask did you eat yet.  Even with being miles away that would be the second question she asks me.  We had to remind her to take care of herself because at some point she just cooks and forgets to feed herself.  Then I realized that she enjoys the silence as we chomp down her delicious food and she sits there watching all of us enjoy before she eats.  Because I grew up watching her be a chef, I became a chef through observation.  Her actions showed me plenty without words.  Thank you mother for being the best mother to my siblings and I.  Thank you for loving us when we were good, bad, and beyond words to describe.  Your strength is out of this world! Because God granted you as my mother I know I am always in great hands.  He made you to be a mother and you did it!  Lots of love to you mom–to the moon and back!

Happy Mother’s day to mine and all the rest.  A full time job and beyond–kids pay their parents back with joy, hugs, kisses, and small helping hands.   Mother’s are AMAZING!  Do what you do because you will teach yours to be the best kind of grown kid one of these days!

Celebrate IWD!


A day dedicated to celebrate the strong women in this world.  Inspire change.  Be a leader.  Be the one to stand strong when others are not.  Be a role model for a little.  Be the one to step out to the zone that is different and unknown.  Be the one to do what you are afraid of.

Grateful for the strong lady in my life} my mother.  I grew up in a family where my mother held strong when things suddenly changed and it was out of her control.  She showed my sisters and I we can take charge with what we can control.  We can stand strong when things fall apart.  We can lead when others are afraid.  We can move forward with peace in the midst of chaos.   The strength and aspiration from our mother made us who we are today.  Thank you mother for reminding us that everything will be ok…just


Happy Saturday…celebrate the strong women in your life!



You think what you want sometimes is hood for you and life gives you opposite of what you want… It ends up being just what you need. Stay positive and take what life gives you instead of dwelling on your want. I can’t believe its Thursday already. Time is just passing by ohhh so fast! Christmas is 6 days away. Hope you got your shoppings done. Have a wonderful Thursday.


TYPOGRAPHYKEEPWISHING_CRAFTEAHEARTThere are times we sit and wish.  No more time for wishing…go out there and make your dream happen!  Happy Thursday.