Say Hello to Ponytail Falls;one of the waterfalls during the Horse Tail hike my SO and I went to with some friends.  I have been getting together with friends and finally overcoming a nasty cold.  My “catch up” time is everywhere…from photography to nature to friends to family near and far.   One I have neglected…blogging.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  For daily updates check out my IG @CrafteaHeart.  Soon you will hear about the #PATHUY adventure.  I am soo excited Patty! < Cheesing>

So much to update you all on with my adventures.  Happy Fiesta Friday Ladies and Gents.  Stay tune and have a great weekend.


20 thoughts on “{NATURE}

  1. I do love that name, Ponytail Falls. It’s really nice to see such beautiful picture of nature on Fiesta Friday, in addition to all the food! I am always influenced as to which hikes to do based on if there is a waterfall! Can’t wait to hear about your visit with Patty, too!

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  2. That is a wonderful name for the falls – the photo is spectacular so I can only imagine how stunning it must have been in real life. Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures – I am so jealous of everyone (Sue) meeting Patty!! Glad you are feeling better – have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Thanks for sharing your adventures. My mom LOVES waterfalls, so growing up we used to always go on hikes to waterfalls. I must admit, now that I’m older, I still go on hikes to waterfalls. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get to enjoy some more nature. 😀


  4. It is quite warm where I am, and just looking at that picture makes me feel somewhat cooler. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it with us at Fiesta Friday.


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