Jasmine + Green { I C E } Tea


The heat calls for ice tea.  Choice of drink for the Fiesta Friday! Many like the taste of sweet tea…I on the other hand love my tea with a tad bit of sugar or none at all with a splash of lemon squirt.  I feel refreshed and cooled down after.  Might as well go the healthy way since  I am sipping on my loaded cup of antioxidant.  If I had to choose a third favorite type of tea it would be GREEN tea.



What is your favorite flavor or combination of ice tea?  Please share.  Toodles until next post.


{ E G G } Pie Recipe.


On Sunday I woke up feeling in between rested and unrested.  My SO sure was unrested.  Weeks and weeks of trying to out beat these allergies is exhausting.  We have yet to conquer what would be the solution besides avoid the allergen.  Pet dander, pollens, dust, etc ohhh my impossible to avoid em.  They are everywhere!  Exhaustion is what runs through my mind and all the while thinking of something to cook you know I threw stuff together that was already in the fridge.  The EGG pie came to mind.  I needed something filling and simple because I have to get back to crafting because Savannah’s 3rd birthday is around the corner.  I need protein to keep me going to finish these crafts for her big day.  In the mean while here is a recipe for you to enjoy.  Such a perfect and simple way to start a brunch party with this pie!


Have a great Tuesday. Toodles until next post.

Summer snack: { C O J I T A } corn recipe

COJITA-CORN-RECIPE_CRAFTEAHEARTOne night we were having taco for dinner and oh my I forgot the cheese. The most important ingredient next to the meat. Yes, after all that preparation I couldn’t eat my taco without cheese so my SO knew he had to take one for the team. A few minutes later he came back with a bag of mexican cheese that I have never ate before. Yes, I gave him the eyebrow raise like what is that?! Lo and behold this cheese had me head over heels. What did I do with it? Sprinkled it all over my corn and there you have it the birth of Cojita Corn. I have seen this elsewhere and never knew what kind of cheese it was nor have I ever tried it. See what happens when you don’t explore? You miss out on the great things you probably didn’t think you would cherish. I am glad I explored this cheese. YUM-O! I hope there is sunshine your way and you are BBQin’ it up!

On a side note: I have been joining in on Angie’s Fiesta party! A party with all sorts of food and drinks. Who doesn’t love that?? I have had nothing but fun with these ladies and enjoying their recipes, photos, support, and lovely hellos. Thank you Angie and all for making this happen. Great way to get the party started every Friday!! 🙂 Check out Angie’s lovely blog for more recipes along with all our other party goers at Fiesta Party. Come join us, explore, and have a great weekend!




As excited I am/was about my chia pudding there were others that have voice they didn’t like the consistency of pudding.  My significant other was one of them and for sure I didn’t let that stop me from loving my chia pudding.  If ya missed that post you can visit it here.  Some people are not fond of the pudding texture and I get it, just different kind of palate preference.  Here is a quick and easy recipe for you lovers of other texture I would categorize it.  Sprinkle the chia seeds to your bowl of fruits, oatmeal, or even salads.  If you want more of a complete breakfast/snack I would suggest to add plain yogurt and drizzle honey for a bit of sweetness for that sweet tooth!  I call this a bowl of goodness.


I pretty much add it to plenty of snacks and entrees I am having for lunch to keep my satiety in line.  Chia seeds has plenty of great benefits and the few that I am more drawn to are for the: FIBER ,PROTEIN, OMEGA, and satiety!  How could you not want to add chia seeds to your snacks and entrees now?  We go through our 8-10 hour days of trying to stay away from the “JUNK” food with the help of chia seeds.  Too many options on how to incorporate this to your diet.  Explore it. I am just saying.  Give it a try!  Hope you like this option my non-pudding people <grin>.

Toodles until next post and enjoy your lovely Tuesday.

COLD { Y A K I S O B A} Noodles

Summer is approaching faster than anticipated or maybe I am having so much fun with cooking and crafting that time is just flying by!  More time is always on the list I ask for and I came to realize its not more time I need.  I need to be better at managing my time and being more efficient with the time I have.  The COLD yaki soba entree is just enough to fee amy cravings and perfect for the hot days.  Portland is being bipolar (pretty normal) and we are having really hot, in between, or just the good ole rain days.  Although it has been hot I have been craving for a bowl of ramen.  Instead my half told me its too hot and that inspired me to go for something that definitely was asian and still had my noodles in them!  YUP, spinach noodles I had to add since my two week challenge is to stay away from those delicious pasta.





Mix the ingredients with the delicious sauce and enjoy.  Have you explored cold yaki soba yet?  If yes,  what do you add in your entree?  Feel free to add chicken instead of shrimp for those who are not big fans of shrimp.  You can also get fresh yaki soba noodles at the asian mart.  Toodles until next post.





{ A V O C A D O } Smoothie.


My mother made this plenty for my siblings and I during our childhood.  The older I get the more I realize oh my goodness mother placed a lot of sugar in that smoothie.  My obsession as of late has been avocado.  Guac, smoothie, pudding toppings, tacos…I have been adding to my entrees and snacks.  Start my morning with this natural bad boy and I am good until noon.  Avocado is filled with vitamins and OMEGAS—the fat you want!  Add flaxseed to that you get a double dose of OMEGAS and fiber.



The banana and coconut milk definitely helps me with my sweet tooth.  Just enough and its all natural. What more can you ask for?  Have you tried an avocado smoothie?  Please share what you add to yours.  Toodles until next post.

{ KA L E } Salad




Ohhh my goodness.  The 2 week challenge has me on a recipe sprint. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am while taking on this challenge.  I have about a week left of this and exploring my relationship with food has been great!  New recipes…SIMPLE + QUICK. BIG PLUS for me.  After working 40+ hours a week, who has time for planning, cooking, and all that?  I rather craft and blog.  The simple recipes that I have been exploring has been amazing and also delicious.  Of course, I had to tweak it a bit to my tasting and cravings.  This salad is so filling especially with the avocado—the good fat, OMEGAS, and vitamins.  Add some beans for protein and if you dare cut up cube grilled chicken and oh my your protein is complete!  Also, I added some corn to my salad.  Love CORN!  The dressing in this salad is lime.  How amazing!  The bell pepper sweetness gives it a kick with the lime.  Just enuff.  Let me know how you like this if you dare to try. Toodles until next post!  Have a wonderful Friday.

Mango + Banana {C H I A } Pudding


Good morning. Time is of essence.  I can’t have fancy breakfast?  Sure thing I’ll make it fancy by making my chia pudding in a wine glass.  YUP, I did!  Treat yourself to some fancy simple breakfast.  Chia seed so filling.  Overnight and the chia seed blooms into this gelatin like–similar to tapioca pudding consistency.  Love it and you better believe I added mangos to my pudding. YUM!



SIDE NOTE: Happy Birthday little brother Tuna!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday. XOXO.

{ S T R A W B E R R Y } parfait


The mornings has just been crazy busy with stretching for my aches.  No time for breakfast and I am tired of breakfast on the go like oatmeal.  Time to switch it up.  My 2 week challenge has been going good so far and it is challenging me to explore new entrees and breakfast ideas.  A recipe shared from Cally (Whole Foods cooking coach).  Of course I had to tweak it and add my touch to it.  What a perfect way to prep for the next day.  Strawberry parfait with some mint and crunch.


I used Tillamook French Vanilla yogurt.  Tweak to your desire.  Mix it up and enjoy.  I like to eat it layered.


How has your week started out so far? Dare to try this parfait?  Happy Tuesday.