Jasmine + Green { I C E } Tea


The heat calls for ice tea.  Choice of drink for the Fiesta Friday! Many like the taste of sweet tea…I on the other hand love my tea with a tad bit of sugar or none at all with a splash of lemon squirt.  I feel refreshed and cooled down after.  Might as well go the healthy way since  I am sipping on my loaded cup of antioxidant.  If I had to choose a third favorite type of tea it would be GREEN tea.



What is your favorite flavor or combination of ice tea?  Please share.  Toodles until next post.


43 thoughts on “Jasmine + Green { I C E } Tea

  1. Iced tea v. popular with you lot up there in the top half of the world. 🙂
    Not down here so much; prefer my coffee.
    Irritating that so many things to consume are completely out of synch.
    Sighhh …


  2. This is really Awesome!!! At current temperature reaching up to 52’C here at the Persian Gulf, your Jasmine-Green Ice-Tea just save my day. I’ll be trying to make this tomorrow for our crew onboard, I’m pretty sure it will be a sold-out. Thanks for sharing it and Happy Fiesta Friday!!!


  3. I love jasmine and we have bushels and bushels in our neighborhood. I also really like this recipe card format you’ve created. Can you fill me in on how you did it?


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