{ E G G } Pie Recipe.


On Sunday I woke up feeling in between rested and unrested.  My SO sure was unrested.  Weeks and weeks of trying to out beat these allergies is exhausting.  We have yet to conquer what would be the solution besides avoid the allergen.  Pet dander, pollens, dust, etc ohhh my impossible to avoid em.  They are everywhere!  Exhaustion is what runs through my mind and all the while thinking of something to cook you know I threw stuff together that was already in the fridge.  The EGG pie came to mind.  I needed something filling and simple because I have to get back to crafting because Savannah’s 3rd birthday is around the corner.  I need protein to keep me going to finish these crafts for her big day.  In the mean while here is a recipe for you to enjoy.  Such a perfect and simple way to start a brunch party with this pie!


Have a great Tuesday. Toodles until next post.


19 thoughts on “{ E G G } Pie Recipe.

  1. Lovely recipe, and so sorry to hear about your allergies. You are not alone, I practically live off of Benadryl this time of year.


      1. Glad to hear you’re getting his under control! I was grinning from ear to ear this previous winter when (for the first time in years) I didn’t need the allergy meds. I thought I was fixed! And then spring came, now I’m back to popping meds like candy, lol.


  2. Looks so delish! And sorry to hear about the allergies! I too suffer from all of the above but for the last few weeks I’ve been testing out the oil pulling method with organic coconut oil. It’s supposed to be very healing with allergies and many other ailments. So far I’ve noticed a small difference. Google it some time if you’re interested 😉 and I hope you get some relief soon!


    1. Right?! I almost did and knew I had to save some for the SO! Yeah, I have been taking sinus soothe to clear up congestion. All natural over here since my body is unable to detox any unnatural meds out. 😛


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