My { W R I T I N G } Process Blog Tour & { H E A R T } Confetti.



Olga at The Ocean View Kitchen nominated me for this blog tour.  I was astounded and told her YES I will be more than happy to participate and the participation is simple as can be.  Thank you so much for inviting me to this blog tour Olga.   You are amazing yourself with your blog.  I am so glad we linked through Fiesta Party that was started by our lovely Angie at The Novice Gardener!  The writing process blog tour is a way to get bloggers to know other bloggers better. The way it works as you are invited by a fellow blogger to answer 4 questions and then you invite another three bloggers to participate.

My answers to the {FOUR} questions:

1} What am I working on?  As of late I have been crafting up some crafts for Savannah’s 3rd birthday FROZEN theme party.  I have about a few days left to complete this.  Below is a glimpse of one of the craft.

2} How does my work differ from others of its genre?  My work differs from others because it is my perspective of creativity in the craft, cooking, and photography.

3} Why do I write what I do?  I enjoy sharing my perspective of cooking and crafting in the most simplest way I can. I have family and friends who ask me how to make a certain “entree” I cook so I thought it would be great to start documenting them on my blog for my friends and family to reference back to.  I use to go onto others’ blog and I felt like simplicity was missing.  So this helped me to shape and create my ideas and recipes to the most simplest perspective I can for others to experience if they dare to try!

4} How does your writing process work?  My writing process is surrounded by what is currently happening in my life.  Rather it is cooking, crafting, or just a simple photography session with my lovelies.  The inspirations usually branch off of other recipes or crafts.  Most of the time the recipe or craft is a blend of two different ones with mine.  Great to create because you can create freely with no boundaries.  I then capture those moments and fancy it up with some fonts through Illustrator.

Who is {NEXT} ?

1} Patty- Patty Nguyen  Every post, every photo is such an eye grasper and her little Bailey is just so oh adorable.

2} Ngan- Ngan made it– Not only are her photos amazing, the recipes are salivating type of recipes.

3}Tracy –Scratch it Cook– Make them from scratch!  I especially love her DIY vanilla extract.

Check out these ladies’ blogs.  You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to hear from you ladies next week. =)


The heart confetti is done and ready to be thrown for celebration!  My co-worker put in a custom order for me to craft some goodies for Savannah’s Frozen theme party.  What a cute movie… YES it made it to my favorite list as well!  If you saw the movie you would understand why these glittered heart confetti is a MUST!  I have been crafting my heart away.  Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to my big sis!!!


22 thoughts on “My { W R I T I N G } Process Blog Tour & { H E A R T } Confetti.

  1. Love the confetti, I hope you take some pictures of the Frozen party so we can see all your handiwork. Thank you for thinking of me for the blog tour, it is much appreciated. I enjoyed reading about your writing process and love that your blog combines all your passions. Keep it up!


    1. Most welcome and thanks Ngan! Yes, I hope to make it to the party to get a few snaps to share with you all. I will post it if I can make it to the sweet little Savannah’s party!


    1. Thanks Patty! All the while in nursing school I crafted plenty and knew I had to get back to studying so perhaps now all that crafty passion is oozing out! Ohhh bailey…he wants to be love…I meam who wouldn’t with a mama that knows best?


      1. You mean bratty dog! It’s unbelievable. Every time I call his name, he RUNS to grandma. OMG. My mom loves it though. She tells me to call for him so he runs to her more often. Too funny. 😀


      2. You can nominate people you don’t follow. 🙂 Time to make new friends in our Fiesta Friday party or if not you can renominate as peoples answer are different now?


      3. I’ve been asked via email before (and couldn’t because of my work schedule) and each time was asked to let the person know if I couldn’t do it so they could ask others. It seemed to me that the nominees had to agree to join before the post.


      4. That is fine with me. 🙂 I didn’t see too many strict rules on this. You can mention that you would nominate others, but most you know have already joined the tour.


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