Dillan’s { F I R S T } birthday!


Today is my youngest nephews 1st birthday celebration.  A year ago when he arrived it was too early and he was fighting to survive.  We were praying to the Lord to help us through what ever He had planned.  Yes, we prayed day and night for the Lord to let our little Dillan survive and make it through.  He did, what a warrior!  He was then a size that can fit into a palm and now he is a healthy chubby 1 year old who.  A little mini me of my brother— a picky eater, makes loud sounds to get someone’s attention to get him what he wants, and heart melter.  Since auntie is miles and miles away I made this banner to celebrate your 1 year milestone.  We are blessed the Lord planned for you to continue on and to bring joy and smiles into our lives.  My Dill Dill is a fighter and we will not forget any step he takes as the Lord has a plan.  Today’s post is for my little Dillan.

my three nephews_CRAFTEAHEART

My three nephews with the 3rd one at home fighting a cold.  XOXO.

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.  Toodles until next post.


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