{ S U M M E R } thoughts.


The weather has been awfully nice here in Portland, OR and I feel like its already summer.  Thoughts of the Summer is dwelling in my mind.  A few weekends ago my SO and I were taking maternity photos for our friends at Cathedral Park.  Bubbles were in the air and it wasn’t teeny tiny ones, they were humongous!  We looked over to our right and there was this guy in the park creating these gigantic bubbles with two simple sticks, ropes, and a bucket of water soap.  We couldn’t help and join in on the fun!  What a simple creation of great fun.  I was guilty of feeling like a kid again and so was my SO and our friends.  Honestly,  I haven’t had such simple fun like this in quite a while.  I mean the photos say it all.  My SO snap some photos of me grinning from ear to ear.



I hope to recreate this moment with my nephews some day.  I couldn’t help and think of how much fun they would have along with my siblings joining in on the fun while I snap away!  A big bubble festival right in our backyard.  I can’t wait!

BUBBLES at Cathedral PARK_

I explored making gigantic strings of bubbles.  Sooo much fun.


Sometimes you just have to drop your busy schedule and go be a kid so you can smile ear to ear.  All photos shot by my SO.  I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday and preparing for a better day tomorrow!  Toodles.


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