{ B R U S H + P A I N T } sprint.

Last week one of our dearest co-worker had a going away party. Although, I have got to known Hayley through short spurts she was always one to have a beam of light shining through her smiles. Even if she had a bad day I would not be able to see it because the light that shines through her is so overpowering. The words below describes who she is and I thought it would be just perfect for her as she enters her next journey! A quote to remind who she is and if a bad day comes a long she know she will make it through because she is the light source to the darkness. Wish you all the best Hayley! 🙂



A couple other photos to share as I have been on a paint and brush sprint. Another outlet that allows me to feel free and just go with the flow. The older I get the more I love to use my handwriting and paint away. It definitely takes you into a zone of peace. Have you ever tried it before? Perhaps you may think your skills are not up to par? Hey, you can’t say you don’t like it unless you give it a try right?

Toodles until next time. I really can’t believe it will be the weekend again!Enjoy your Thursday.


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