As excited I am/was about my chia pudding there were others that have voice they didn’t like the consistency of pudding.  My significant other was one of them and for sure I didn’t let that stop me from loving my chia pudding.  If ya missed that post you can visit it here.  Some people are not fond of the pudding texture and I get it, just different kind of palate preference.  Here is a quick and easy recipe for you lovers of other texture I would categorize it.  Sprinkle the chia seeds to your bowl of fruits, oatmeal, or even salads.  If you want more of a complete breakfast/snack I would suggest to add plain yogurt and drizzle honey for a bit of sweetness for that sweet tooth!  I call this a bowl of goodness.


I pretty much add it to plenty of snacks and entrees I am having for lunch to keep my satiety in line.  Chia seeds has plenty of great benefits and the few that I am more drawn to are for the: FIBER ,PROTEIN, OMEGA, and satiety!  How could you not want to add chia seeds to your snacks and entrees now?  We go through our 8-10 hour days of trying to stay away from the “JUNK” food with the help of chia seeds.  Too many options on how to incorporate this to your diet.  Explore it. I am just saying.  Give it a try!  Hope you like this option my non-pudding people <grin>.

Toodles until next post and enjoy your lovely Tuesday.


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