COLD { Y A K I S O B A} Noodles

Summer is approaching faster than anticipated or maybe I am having so much fun with cooking and crafting that time is just flying by!  More time is always on the list I ask for and I came to realize its not more time I need.  I need to be better at managing my time and being more efficient with the time I have.  The COLD yaki soba entree is just enough to fee amy cravings and perfect for the hot days.  Portland is being bipolar (pretty normal) and we are having really hot, in between, or just the good ole rain days.  Although it has been hot I have been craving for a bowl of ramen.  Instead my half told me its too hot and that inspired me to go for something that definitely was asian and still had my noodles in them!  YUP, spinach noodles I had to add since my two week challenge is to stay away from those delicious pasta.





Mix the ingredients with the delicious sauce and enjoy.  Have you explored cold yaki soba yet?  If yes,  what do you add in your entree?  Feel free to add chicken instead of shrimp for those who are not big fans of shrimp.  You can also get fresh yaki soba noodles at the asian mart.  Toodles until next post.


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