{ KA L E } Salad




Ohhh my goodness.  The 2 week challenge has me on a recipe sprint. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am while taking on this challenge.  I have about a week left of this and exploring my relationship with food has been great!  New recipes…SIMPLE + QUICK. BIG PLUS for me.  After working 40+ hours a week, who has time for planning, cooking, and all that?  I rather craft and blog.  The simple recipes that I have been exploring has been amazing and also delicious.  Of course, I had to tweak it a bit to my tasting and cravings.  This salad is so filling especially with the avocado—the good fat, OMEGAS, and vitamins.  Add some beans for protein and if you dare cut up cube grilled chicken and oh my your protein is complete!  Also, I added some corn to my salad.  Love CORN!  The dressing in this salad is lime.  How amazing!  The bell pepper sweetness gives it a kick with the lime.  Just enuff.  Let me know how you like this if you dare to try. Toodles until next post!  Have a wonderful Friday.


27 thoughts on “{ KA L E } Salad

    1. Thank you Michelle for stopping by and following. Food photography has been my obsession as of late! Can you tell? Let me know how ya like it. Too easy and quick to make for ya not to try! I have been falling in love with Kale more and more since I made them as chips! Yum!


      1. You are definitely doing a good job with it, I’m gonna have you round to take photos of my baking for me haha! I’ve been falling in love with kale since I tossed it with lime and cumin and added to a burrito bowl, now I find anyway to add it to dishes! I will be making this one soon for sure, I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!


      2. Awwwww London I have yet to make my way over there! I will let you know when I am on my way over there. Portland, OR! The city of roses and greens everywhere!!


      3. Haha I’ll set up the kitchen for you ready! Oh so even when I’m in Atlanta, I’m still pretty far from you (if my US geography is right!). The only thing I really know about Portland is Grimm is set there!


      4. Yes it is! And they filmed Twilight first movie here in the glass house! Check out the 7 wonders of Oregon! Soo much of Portland… Have you ever seen Portlandia show? Soo describes Portland! Ha. Check out this too: http://vimeo.com/m/41011190 It is really far… On the east side of the US. 😦 Yes, opportunities to meet in person one of these days!


  1. Kale I do love, massaged it loves to be. Kale salad, with avocado, sounds like it belongs at the beach. St the beach I shall be. Thanks for sharing, inspiring and joining our fun!


    1. I am exploring more kale recipes. This is probably the third one yet. Love it. Yes, its so refreshing it does deserve the sounds of the ocean and the breeze to draft over your face while you chomp away. Most welcome. =0 )


  2. This recipe brings together some of my most favourite ingredients, so it’s a must for me!
    Thank you.
    I so agree with you re. time – simple is the way to go in the kitchen, so there’s a tiny bit of time for relaxation after work too!
    Emma 🙂


    1. I am glad you love the ingredients. I think the little ump for me is the added corn. M m m…just enough crunch! Anything simple I am all over it…sometimes a little prepping kills and its so worth it at the end. Stay tune for one of those recipes soon! 🙂 Yum!!! Enjoy Emma. 🙂


  3. I love kale and actually have a big bunch in my fridge right now. Love that you added corn to this salad, and will have to make my way to the market and grab some myself! What a great, quick and easy recipe!


    1. I am… at first it wasn’t by choice because of my condition. Read my about me page! Then it became a lifestyle because my body was so much better with all the nutrients it has been deprived of! And now my two week challenge with work and whole foods got me on a healthy recipe sprint! It is like healthy eating high! Trust I still have my guilt of using asian sauce for all my asian entrees. Not perfect by any means. Something has got to give right?


  4. Just wanted to let you know that I finally tried my hand at my own version of this yummy salad. I added some black beans because I put black beans in everything I can. And I made an avocado and lime dressing to go with it. It was sooooo good, thank you for inspiring me – this is now mine and my friend’s favourite summer salad!


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