{ S T R A W B E R R Y } parfait


The mornings has just been crazy busy with stretching for my aches.  No time for breakfast and I am tired of breakfast on the go like oatmeal.  Time to switch it up.  My 2 week challenge has been going good so far and it is challenging me to explore new entrees and breakfast ideas.  A recipe shared from Cally (Whole Foods cooking coach).  Of course I had to tweak it and add my touch to it.  What a perfect way to prep for the next day.  Strawberry parfait with some mint and crunch.


I used Tillamook French Vanilla yogurt.  Tweak to your desire.  Mix it up and enjoy.  I like to eat it layered.


How has your week started out so far? Dare to try this parfait?  Happy Tuesday.


8 thoughts on “{ S T R A W B E R R Y } parfait

    1. YES, absolutely delish. Thanks patty! I am telling my readers to do that because after I was done with the photos I devoured the parfait myself! So YUMMY! How was your class?


  1. It went really well! I’m so relieved, HAH! I have another one next week and am a bit worried. It’s a two-part class (four hours total) and deals with a lot of technical stuff.


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