{ H E R } day.


I chose this photo because tulips have so many meanings of each colored flower.  Mother’s are all colors of tulips because they have to be all to nurture a child to the right destination. Mothers go above and beyond regardless of the situation.  My mother raised six kids including myself.  Goodness I thought growing up…this lady is crazy for wanting to have us six kids and care for us.  Her heart has no limit when it comes to love.  She gives until there is no more tomorrow.  She places her kids, her family, and everyone else in front of her.  She always made sure we were well fed–even until today.  You better believe momma will ask did you eat yet.  Even with being miles away that would be the second question she asks me.  We had to remind her to take care of herself because at some point she just cooks and forgets to feed herself.  Then I realized that she enjoys the silence as we chomp down her delicious food and she sits there watching all of us enjoy before she eats.  Because I grew up watching her be a chef, I became a chef through observation.  Her actions showed me plenty without words.  Thank you mother for being the best mother to my siblings and I.  Thank you for loving us when we were good, bad, and beyond words to describe.  Your strength is out of this world! Because God granted you as my mother I know I am always in great hands.  He made you to be a mother and you did it!  Lots of love to you mom–to the moon and back!

Happy Mother’s day to mine and all the rest.  A full time job and beyond–kids pay their parents back with joy, hugs, kisses, and small helping hands.   Mother’s are AMAZING!  Do what you do because you will teach yours to be the best kind of grown kid one of these days!


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