DIY { C R E P E } paper flower


Quite some time passed and I have not craft at all.  I feel alive and thriving again.  Craft + Blogging are some of my tid bits of therapy from my Nursing world.  I am soo excited for another little niece in my life. I am planning my friend’s baby shower along with other friends.  I have about 3 weeks to gather this all together.  I bought plenty of crepe paper rolls for the photo-booth backdrop (future post to follow) and thought “I actually don’t need all this, what am I going to do with them?”  Suddenly I started making flowers with them!  And here I am making flower as a gift tag for our niece’s gift.  Simple, inexpensive, and just luscious!

1} Fold the crepe paper in about 1″ width.  Cut the edge to the shape you desire. After cutting the edge, use your thumb and pointer finger to hold the middle while gently shaping the crepe paper in a circular motion until the flower is complete.  I love my flowers to be full so I used about a foot of crepe paper roll.


2} Time to make a hole at the center of the flower.


3} Now cut a piece of wire ~1″ to hold the crepe paper together at the center.


4} And there you have it…a simple + pretty flower as a gift tag!


Photos taken by yours truly with m companion Nikon D80 and 35mm lens.  Have a lovely Tuesday!


14 thoughts on “DIY { C R E P E } paper flower

  1. Love your site and blog. I am doing a new project using tag “creativity lives” or #creativitylives where I promote sites that inspire creativity. I have seen a few of your projects here and would love the chance to feature y’all. If possible, could I re-blog some of your post? I appreciate it. Create on!


      1. You are welcome. Keep up the great posts. I look forward to exploring your blog more.


  2. Reblogged this on The Pursuit: Being Creative and commented:
    As I continue my search around WordPress, I continue to find amazing and inspiring pieces of art and creativity. This blog has a tab completely dedicated to DIY! Go and see what you can find to create and become inspired. Keep creating and inspiring others to tap into all of the beauty they have inside of them. Please continue to share them with me by tagging creativity lives or #creativitylives.


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