{C I N C O } de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Cinco de Mayo could not have been a more perfect way to start off Nurse’s week.  After a day of being emotionally drained, I was looking forward to

celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the whim.  First time making blended margaritas with my magic bullet.  Ohhh it turned out delicious.

CORN with seasoning

I love corn and the seasoning added to this was just oh so good (future post to follow).  Especially topping it with the Mexican grated queso cotija.  YES, it was a sprinkles of deliciousness.

Soft Turkey Tacos

Tortilla turkey tacos with the sprinkle of deliciousness and yup, we added sprinkles of Siracha as well.  Taco once a week is a ritual at the Casa of Neth-Nguyen is a must–simple, easy, and quick!

Until next post, hope you enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo!




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