Last year a dear friend of mine gave me a succulent for my birthday.  I was so excited to finally tend to a plant that has the least need of many plants.  I thought to myself I can do this, it just needs a little water every week or so and a wee bit of sunlight.  Nope, I was saddened that I wasn’t able to keep up with it and it died on me.  This year it was a challenge for me to buy new ones and see how long I can keep it alive. So far so good.  Today I will celebrate the 1st of May with joy that it has been 3 months I kept this succulent thriving.  It even flowered with vines.  Ohh soo pretty!  YES, the succulent so far has been showered with TLC.

Hope this month thrives for you and this is a reminder for you to pick a challenge and give it a try!

Happy May…Mother’s day is in 10 days if your busy schedule allowed it to slip your mind.


7 thoughts on “HAPPY MAY!

  1. love the succulents but I have trouble keeping them alive myself. The last one I had made it only about 6 months. What’s the secret?! Happy first day of May as well! Hopefully this means more sunshine and less rainy day ahead! xo


    1. Yes please bring more sunshine!!! Succulents I thought they were easy until I had one. Now I am more conscious of how much water and light I give it. I water them about every 5 days and let them get sun indirectly near a window that doesn’t shine too much sunlight! I literally take water from the faucet with my hands and sprinkle them on the top as this is where they grow from–within. If there are any water sitting on the soul I gently dump it out. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the great weather up there.

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      1. thanks for the good advice! I think mine must of had too much sun. I’ll have to buy another one and try again using your suggestions. Off to take the girls to the park. Enjoy this gorgeous day!


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