Celebrate IWD!


A day dedicated to celebrate the strong women in this world.  Inspire change.  Be a leader.  Be the one to stand strong when others are not.  Be a role model for a little.  Be the one to step out to the zone that is different and unknown.  Be the one to do what you are afraid of.

Grateful for the strong lady in my life} my mother.  I grew up in a family where my mother held strong when things suddenly changed and it was out of her control.  She showed my sisters and I we can take charge with what we can control.  We can stand strong when things fall apart.  We can lead when others are afraid.  We can move forward with peace in the midst of chaos.   The strength and aspiration from our mother made us who we are today.  Thank you mother for reminding us that everything will be ok…just


Happy Saturday…celebrate the strong women in your life!


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