A day exploring Oregon. A spontaneous moment to go snowboarding. The weekend that was originally planned for NY and it just didn’t happen. A lesson for when things don’t go according to plan: when one door closes, another one opens. So do not let it go to waste, even when it has to be a spontaneous moment. I thought to myself requested PTO? We are not going to stay home. We turned it into a one day staycation! SNOWBOARD it was. First time on the Timberline lodge for us both and second time snowboarding for me. Also, my first time taking public bus transportation…glad I got that experience. A gal coming from FL I did not ever take the public transportation..and always wanted to out of curiosity. A first for everything right?

Here are some photos to share with you all taken via my iphone:

Breathtaking snow scenery! So beautifully made. Nature is my first love.


Can you imagine a person who loves the snow? I could not stop taking photos. Even knowing many of them were the same…so in the moment and in love with the winter wonderland feeling.


After getting off the lift I was brought to these lovely Dr. Seuss like trees. Instantly reminded me of the The Lorax movie.


Water spots–they always seem to intrigue me. If I can choose to be any state of water it would be liquid form because I would be ALL over the world!


Caught my lovely on the way down the slope. I thank God for giving me a gentlemen who is as spontaneous as me. XoXo.


A photo of us in our gears. My best friend and I on the lift ready for another run on Mt. Hood.

Thanks Timberline for the great time. Staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. Love my state!

Glad my weekend started off on a good one. Hope yours did too and if it didn’t I hope it ends on a great one!


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