SNOW in Oregon.


Sooo UPDATE..this past weekend we were hit with the snowpocalypse.  The same weekend my friend flew from FL to visit the beautiful state Oregon.  Months back I tried to convince her to come at a later time and she insisted to come during February.  Her persistent had me questioning why February out of all other months?  Her answer, “I want to see SNOW!”  Oh I told her I guess I better find a way to take her to Mt. Hood and the snow was at my doorstep before she even arrived. I was wrong when I thought I moved to a state that had just rain… we were overly blessed with some snow and then MORE.  Her wish came true!

I could not have enjoyed it any more than I did while she was visiting.  Thanks Jenny for your persistence in making this a fulfilled weekend!  Although it was much chaos this weekend + plenty of cabin fever, I miss the snow.  I might sound crazy, but it is sooo beautiful when nature is covered with snow.

I can’t believe it has been almost three weeks without a post.  I have neglected my blog.  All honesty my energy has been spread thin with LIFE.  I can say I am an advent IGer.  Follow me on Instagram for daily updates.  It has been filled with typography and food.  I will soon share the recipes on here soon!  I have to get back into my blogging/crafting rhythm.



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