National handwriting day was founded by Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA)!

Today I decided to write a card to my lovely just to say some words of how the beginning of 2014 started so far! Sometimes a simple I love is just not enough so a card with words of love is just enough to express how I feel.


I LOVE my Le Pen. Helps me to write a more beautiful note.

YES, he starts a dance party in my heart! Love the card choices at Trader Joes! And its just 0.99 cents?! No brainer.. Definite yes because I couldn’t say no :: grin ::


A little triangles, squares and rectangles added to letterings. Sharp and edgy font. :: wink ::

Who are you writing a note/letter to today? An old pen pal? A SO? A friend/family member? Celebrate today by writing one. A day to say hey I will use my pen against paper and not forget snail mail is awesome and technology is overrated!



    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes I finally put my flash to use. I have been using my Nikon D80 with natural lighting since 2009. Flash photography is a whole different story. I have used my friends Canon Rebel T3 last year. If you want to use your camera to its max I would advise for you to start learning to shoot on Manual mode. You have full control of the aperture, Shutter speed, and Iso. If you learn those three components you will soon learn how the three affects each other with plenty of practice. Read about those three components and keep clicking away. I hope this helps! đŸ™‚

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