TEA TUESDAY: Just a cup of tea


ISO 400 | ss 15 | f/stop 3.2
Photo above taken with the D80, my favorite prime 50mm lens, and SB 600 flash. Yes, I am finally putting my flash into use. My SO would be verrry happy and say “its about time!”

As of late, I have been a light sleeper and I can not figure it out. Last week was a rough all around and I made it through to the other side. You know one of those week where the chaos or stress just did not stop so I told myself go with the current. It was soon Friday and now it is Tuesday. I am slowly getting there to be “normal” again per se. Ohhh how I miss being able to sleep for 6-8 hrs without waking up because of a pain or my body decides to be alert at the wee hours. Here I am blogging on 4 hrs or less of sleep. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so rather than tossing and turning in my bed I got up made me a cup of tea and out my flash into use. Maybe this cup of tea will just relax me and I will magically fall asleep again. I hope you all have been resting well…I call sleep a luxury after this craziness!

Happy Tea tuesday. What have you been drinking as of late?


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