While fumbling through my IG I stumbled on Joshua Phillips dot typography and I was reminded of the beautiful typography art. So I collaborated the handwriting cursive and dot typography.

Second day of the new year and your heart may be overwhelmed. Rather it be finance, job demands, past hurts, or what it may be… Its weighing ya down. Let it go… Make a plan and get yourself to that brighter path… Your heart will be lighter than you imagined. Nothing is impossible… Your solution may be under your nose. Do everything with your heart and it will lead you to your happiness. Only you can stop the heavy weight. Remind yourself to be the best version of yourself & you are human so small steps are ok!

Day 2 and this gal is still on her workout game. We shall see how compliant I am to my health goals! *wink*

Hope your thursday was great. Good night world!


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