My go to jar for tea.  Yeah the glass gets a little hot…and by the time I get into my morning routine this baby cools down and ready for me to sip on my tea.  I love black tea as much as I love black tea.  The earl grey is not too shabby.  I think this black tea has the perfect medium–not too strong and just enough to give you a little nudge to wake ya up.  If you prefer milk tea this black tea is just perfect to blend it with some international blend vanilla creamer.  M m m..milk tea you will have.  You may never drink any other flavor again.  Give it a try if you haven’t!  Let me know what you think if you dare to try it.  What kind of black tea do you prefer?



Hope you all are getting ready to ring in the new year….the party…the friends….the family…the significant other…the craziness…to the countdown!  I have yet to decide where I will be when the count down is happening.   My gosh this year has passed me way too quick. Happy new years eve & be safe whatever you do!


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