Ohhh it feels soo long since I crafted something.  I hope to get back into my crafting soon now that I will be home for the holidays.  My co-worker had so many mason jars lying around her home.  She thought of me to rid them!  Ohhh lucky me!  I drink my water and tea out of mason jars and this gave her an idea I may want these mason jars.  Anything glass goes for me and a mason jar is just oh so perfect.  For the first time I have seen a wide mouth mason jar.  Woahhh..what was I going to do with this??  As it sat there on my counter for a few days I was saddened time passed and Christmas is almost near with no decor in the house.  Soooo…the pine stems and pine cones lying all over my back balcony.  PERFECT–I thought.  I will make a decor for my desk.  Quite simple and quick.

1] I used the pine stems to surround the rim of the mason jar.   I held it in place with a rubber band.  Tuck the pine stems underneath the rubber band.


2] Spray paint the pine cones gold. Let it dry for 5 minutes outside to relieve the fume of the spray paint.

3] Gather some more pine stems and place them inside at the bottom of the mason jar.

4] Place your gold pine cones in the jar and Viola! Desk decor for the Christmas festive. I added a naked tree branch with a couple of initials ornaments .  Decorate as you desire!


 Time to go relax some more and recover from my long 2 weeks in Florida. ENJOY!! Happy Sunday.



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