Flavored black tea–love starting the morning with strong black tea. Typically towards the holiday I switch my choice of tea to something a little hint of cinnamon-y or spice. Stash have variety of flavors and by far this has been my favorite from the rest of the STASH choices.

A cup of tad bit of sweetness and strong brewed tea—this is just the perfect one to start your morning or spice up your afternoon. The combination of the cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cardamom ohhh reminds me of India. Want to had a little more sweetness to your tea? Add some condensed milk or almond milk. YUMMY-O YUM!

My blogging posts may be quite off schedule since I am visiting the fam bam on the East coast. I will try my best to keep up with you WP fam! Two more days and the BIG thanksgiving feast begins. Hope your holiday prepping is going quite smooth. Follow me on Instagram: @Crafteaheart for currents of my where about. Do you have a favorite brand or flavor of black tea? Please share.



  1. Hope you had an absolutely scintillating holiday and enjoy a groovy weekend dear lass.

    East Coast, eh? Upper or lower? Florida area perchance??

    I adore chai, especially this time of year. I like to add just a dash of coconut milk. Oh it is fantastic. Lovely post. Perfect for wonderful days of a chilly, ebbing November. Cheers!

    Autumn Jade


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