525 Design Pop Up Shop

Support the locals in Portland! Nike Designers with their creation outside of their daily job. Great creations…Thank you Fanny for putting this together.  Check out her hot pot bowls on Instagram @productofplay



3D wood rings. Intricate details with simplicity. || Email: hello@immenseengine.com


Arrowhead stone necklaces and rings made by Craftlabstore.com || Instagram: @craftlab


Stuck in the Box let me out Collection|| contorted artwork by @mundooo (Instagram)


Terrarium in Flasks and Beakers made by craftlabstore.com || Instagram: @craftlab


Car Illustrations by benslamin.wordpress.com || Instagram: @benslamin || http://www.Benslamin.com


Fox artwork printed with LEGO parts by PHYSICAL FICTION || Instagram: @justinlarosa || physicalfiction.com

Awesome creation…it was a MUST BUY after finding out these were printed with LEGOS. Sooo fitted for the little nephew and his love for LEGOS!  Thanks Justin for your creation!

Happy Saturday.. Out here supporting the locals and sale proceeds benefits CALDERA FOUNDATION— greatness to help the kiddos be in touch with their creative skills . Great art and accessories equals happy me.


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