Start your morning with a cup of black tea.  Just a few cups of black tea a day is all it takes.  Jolt of energy, relaxation and plenty of other benefits I learned about and want to share!

  • Contains alkylamine antigens to help boost our immune response.
  • Contains tannins: the ability to fight viruses such as Influenza and the stomach flu.
  • Contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants to help block DNA damaging associated wtih tobacco or other toxic chemicals.
  • Polyphenols reduces plaque formation and prevents bacteria from causing you to have cavities
  • The amino acid L-thenanine found in black tea can help relaxation and better concentration.
  • Lower caffeine content to help increase blood flow to your brain and easy on the heart.

For more black tea benefits go to lifehack.org. Love this site…sooo much to read.

PHOTO: taken by yours truly with the Nikon D-80 and Nikkor 50mm lens.


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