Two-thousand thirteen has been a year of greatness despite all the in betweens.  There is still a couple of months left.  What greatness would it be without the challenges right?  Through the challenges I tapped into my creativity to drown the negatives.  No better way than to put your negative energy towards a positive one.  I was sadden to say farewell to my old blog Tee2envisage…quite bittersweet as I got attached to my wordpress family.  The time has draw near for me to dwell in the place my heart thrives on…sippin’ on my tea…craft away…and blog to share with you all!  I hope to inspire you in simple ways to tap into your creativity and create lovely simple things! I am a nurse by day and use crafting/photography to fire my creativity neurons.

Thank you to my lovely sisters for helping me with the name to my new adventure, XOXO!


7 thoughts on “BIRTH of CRAFTEA HEART.

      1. 😀 I look forward to greatly improving my crafting abilities (which are abominable, I fear!). Something me mum was passionate and skilled at, we shared. Looking forward to learning from you, lass. Thank you, cheers, ta la!


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